“The Utopia Project” consists of three claims, namely, 9387 Dam Lake (2,479.5 ha), 9590 Wellington Lake (1,386.0 ha) and 9591 Linton Stream (841.2 ha). The latter two claims encompass portions of the south margin of the Saint George Batholith. Claim 9387 encompasses carbonaceous sediments and volcanics of the early Silurian Mascarene Group, a mafic intrusive and a portion of the New River terrane. The geological setting mirrors that of the Galway Metals Clarence Stream gold deposits on the north margin of the Saint George Batholith.

As shown on the accompanying compilation map, the setting mirrors that of the Clarence Stream area where Galway Metals Inc. has drills defining the gold resource along a zone or zones that appear to splay off the regional northeast-trending Sawyer Brook fault. A similar trending regional structure, the Saint George fault, cross Claim 9387 Dam Lake to the east of which gold has been reported in float, drill core, and in streams draining across the Mascarene Group and Batholith margin. Splays off the Saint George fault are interpreted from a contoured magnetic vertical gradient map produced by Dighem from the results of an airborne survey flown for Noranda in 1989 (Report of Work 475960).

It is over or near one such interpreted splay about 2 km east of the northern portion of 9387 Dam Lake where the Noranda prospecting crew found that one “of twenty-nine (29) rocks collected for assaying……contained 302500 ppb Au (8.82 oz/T)” (Report of Work 474310). In ounces per metric tonne, this equals 9.73 oz/t. Two and possibly three parallel splays off the Saint George fault are interpreted to cross 9387 Dam Lake, which has received no recorded prospecting or drilling, probably because of very few bedrock exposures.