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Spotlight: Dallas Davis – President of Edge Exploration

Edge Exploration wants to highlight its founder Dallas Davis, P.Eng. Dallas is the main vein that pumps through the heart that is Edge Exploration. He continues to direct the activities of Edge and functions as the president. Davis has has a lifelong love of nature and exploration that fuels his passion for geology and natural resources. Find out more about this astounding geologist below:


Dallas was born in Chipman Memorial Hospital in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Although he was from Harvey. He enjoyed many activities that most boys his age did at the time: fishing, biking, swimming and hanging out with friends. There was a cub scout group in Harvey and Dallas was a proud member. Davis also had a stamp collection, and even a girl pen-pal in Finland.

Dallas is unsure if his love rocks started at this time in his life. However, he does remember that he purchased (or received as a gift) a book about identifying rocks and minerals when in he was in grade 8 or 9. He did do try some rock collecting around that time, but it was sporadic and not too serious of a hobby. 

As he got older, Dallas started working in the community. He helped milk the cows (by hand) in the summer at a local farm, as well as, helped with haying and other farming duties. He also worked part of each summer at a sawmill owned by a neighbour, Oscar Young. The hard-working young man even had a job pumping gas at the service station, which was next to Watson’s Store. When old enough to get a drivers license, Davis went to square dances at the Wagon Wheel hall in Newmarket, and occasionally to a hall in Rollingdam.

A Solid Base of Education

In the first year at the University of New Brunswick, Davis decided to join the bachelor of science program, due to his deepening interest in science and nature. The first summer after enrolling at UNB, John Smith (then the Mines Branch Chief Geologist) gave Dallas a job with a Bathurst area field-mapping party led by Bob Jones.

Smith rehired Dallas for an other summer as the temporary party chief (one month). He was tasked with mapping along the New Brunswick side of the US/Canada border, by the lake between Fosterville and Forest City. The catch was that John hired Dallas on the condition that he stayed in geology, instead of switching into biology, as Davis had been planning to do. Dallas’ love of geology was formed during this time.

Davis graduated from UNB with a degree in Geology in 1965. Wanting to further his expertise in the field, Dallas pursued a Masters of Geology at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, successfully completing the program in 1966. This was the start of an long and resounding career that took Davis all over the world.

Rock Solid Career

After a brief stint as a Technical Service and Sales Representative, with ICI/Canadian Industries Limited, Chemicals in 1966-1967 in Montreal and Winnipeg, Canada, In 1967, Davis kicked off his career as an mine geologist with Falconbridge Limited at the Wesfrob Mine in British Columbia, Canada.

In 1968, he moved on to McIntyre Porcupine Mines Limited Toronto, Canada, as an exploration geologist. He remained there for 5 years, until he returned to his home province for a job as Chief of Planning and Policy, Non-Renewable Resources with the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

With the Department of Natural Resources, Davis played a key role in the evaluation and design of policies with respect to mining taxation (royalty), potash leasing, coal, peat resource management, mineral development and adding value within the province of New Brunswick. During the period, the
government passed new mining tax legislation, awarded potash rights using an innovative approach, signed a 5-year Canada/New Brunswick mineral development agreement worth $11.3 million, and, acted as a catalyst for Noranda to construct a zinc refinery, after a decision was reversed following the market deterioration in the 1981 recession. Davis also represented the Atlantic Provinces on the committee charged with drafting the report to First Ministers and Finance Ministers, on which was based the resolution of the Federal-Provincial resource taxation competition of the mid-1970’s.

In 1981, Dallas worked with the United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, completing presentations at workshops in Accra, Ghana. The presentations covered such topics as: Canadian experience in the area of legislation and regulatory framework for mining; Case study on the Canadian experience in mining agreements with transnational corporations (N.B. potash agreements); and involvement of transnational corporations in Canadian gold mining.

Since 1981, Dallas has been the president and principal of Dalmin Corporation, where he has worked with a variety of clients and completed a myriad of significant assignments in the private sector and the public sector.

Throughout the 80s, Davis worked with a variety of Canadian federal and provincial governmental agencies, including: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Province of Nova Scotia, Canada Department of Regional Economic Expansion, New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council, and the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources.

By the end of 80s, Davis started to work on more international projects. In 1987, he started with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and SNC Inc. (now SNC Lavalin). Davis worked in Bangkok and Thailand, as in-country manager for a ten million dollar mineral development program funded by CIDA and implemented by SNC.

From 1989 until 1993, Dallas worked as a consultant on numerous countries and projects for C.I.G. Co., Ltd.. An excellent investment return was achieved on two recommended projects, namely, the Woodie Woodie manganese mine in Australia and an assay laboratory established in Thailand with technical assistance from Canada’s Lakefield Research (now SGS).

Dallas was with the Malaysia Mining Corporation Berhad (MMC) & Plutonic Resources Limited, from 1993 to 1999, based in Kuala Lumpur. In addition to serving as a technical link between Plutonic and MMC (and advising MMC on exploration programs and mineral-related investments) Davis provided leadership by negotiating and drafting mineral exploration-development agreements with the governments of Lao PDR and Kyrgyzstan.

As well, various diamond, gold and base metal opportunities were evaluated and pursued in
Burkina Faso, Mali, South Africa, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Angola, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan,
Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Australia and Canada. Davis also served as the initial contact between Homestake and MMC when controlling interest in Plutonic, a gold company with 525,000 ounces annual production and a $1.1 billion capitalization, was sold to Homestake.

Davis entered the new millennium and continued to consult with a variety of organizations and private sector companies around the world. From Japan to the USA to France to Australia and beyond, Dallas supplied his expertise to an array of mining/exploration projects. Throughout the 2000s, he worked with the Canadian, Korean, Malaysian, and New Brunswick governments; Cree Nation of Wemindji; SOFRECO; Korea Resources Corporation; Gold World Resources Inc.; Malaysia Smelting Corporation; Great Northern Mining and Exploration Inc.; Atlantic Gold; Adam Smith International Ltd. and many more.

Davis helped: develop mining/geology policies; by advising on programs and mineral-related investments; by being the “qualified person” for diamond and gold exploration projects; by providing exploration technical direction and management; and much more. This experience has provided him an in-depth knowledge of the mining and exploration on the global stage.

To The Edge and Beyond

Davis founded Edge Exploration Inc. with an amateur prospector, Mr. Alex Kramer (in 2019) after the discovery of numerous small nuggets up of gold in New Brunswick.

The discovery, in Little Mactaquac Stream, was made in the summer of 2017 when an amateur prospector, Mr. Alex Kramer, through panning discovered numerous nuggets up to the size of watermelon seeds. Dallas and his son Adrian examined and confirmed the discovery later that summer.

Davis entered into partnership with Mr. Kramer and registering a 990 ha claim in addition to Mr. Kramer’s original 506 ha block. Subsequent compilation and analysis of glacial deposits and stream sediment distribution of anomalous gold (NB Dept of Natural Resources& Energy, Plate 98-45A) indicated a possible source some 4 km up ice, to the northwest where the airborne magnetic data (GSC Map C41523G, 1988) indicates an unroofed intrusive cut by a series of weak north/south structural trends.

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Fancamp Announces 450 meter Drilling to Commence on Multi-Element Soil Geochemical Target at Optioned New Brunswick Property of Edge Exploration Inc.

December 11, 2019


More About Dallas Davis, P.Eng

Email: dalmin@rogers.com

Phone: (506) 449-2665

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dallasdavis4b194314/

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