Mactaquac Property


Edge Exploration Inc. is an esteemed geological and exploration firm based in Canada, boasting exploration properties throughout New Brunswick. As a company that prides itself on innovation and leadership within the industry, Edge Exploration Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Venture Initiation, which helps new enterprises get off the ground,
  • Project Management that ensures efficient and effective oversight of mineral exploration endeavors, and
  • Development services that aid in bringing projects to fruition.

Our commitment to excellence and strategic approach positions Edge Exploration at the forefront of the mineral exploration sector in one of the most resource-rich regions of North America.

Edge Exploration’s five properties in New Brunswick have shown strong promise for valuable minerals and are drill-ready, with preliminary assessments indicating a high potential for significant mineral deposits. Edge Exploration Inc. is focused on enhancing shareholder value through astute acquisitions of projects in perceived undervalued situations, strategically positioning itself to capitalize on these promising findings by advancing exploration activities and targeting resource delineation.

Mission Statement

“To be recognized by mineral industry investors as a leading identifier of exploration opportunities of merit, a preferred manager of exploration programs and a generator of long-term income growth for investors.”