A 3,499 hectares (ha) claim group encompassing a panned gold discovery at Little Mactaquac stream by Edge Exploration Inc. co-founder, Alex Kramer. As well, the interpreted bedrock source, where gold and rare earth soil geochemistry anomaly extends for at least the 1.2 kilometres (km) north-south length covered by 2018 and 1988 soil surveys. The latter of which for BM&S/Noranda included the highest value of 405 parts per billion (ppb) gold (reference: Report of Work 473638, 1989).



2018 – Gold & rare earth (REE) soil geochemistry anomaly over N-S distance of 1.2 km surveyed and where 1988 soil survey reported 405 ppb gold (ref: Report of Work 473638, 1989).

2019 – 395 samples have been submitted to SGS for analysis by Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) protocol revealing 3 new anomalies for trenching this fall 148 gold & 52 antimony; 6 gold & 52 antimony; 10 gold & 269 antimony – values are the number of times background.

Exploration Planned and Underway in 2019/20

  • Planned soil geochemistry survey sampling completed.
  • 395 samples shipped to SGS for MMI proprietary leach & ICP-MS analysis.
  • 395 laboratory results received with three new gold and antimony anomalous sites identified.
  • Trenching and drilling to test bedrock sources of soil gold, antimony, rare earth elements and multi-element anomalies.


Northeastern Drone View of Mactaquac Property & Area of Planned Drilling

Mactaquac Aeromagnetic Gradient Map

Gold in Mactaquac Soil Samples – 2018