About Us

Edge Exploration Inc. is a principal-business corporation (PBC) incorporated on March 28th, 2019 under the New Brunswick Business Corporations Act and restricted to exploring for minerals and mining.



3,500 hectare (ha) claim group encompassing a panned gold discovery at Little Mactaquac stream by Edge Exploration Inc. cofounder Alex Kramer as well as the interpreted bedrock source where a gold and rare earth soil geochemistry anomaly extends for at least the 1.2 kilometres (km) north-south length covered by 2018 and 1988 soil surveys, the latter of which for BM&S/Noranda included a highest value of 405 parts per billion (ppb) gold (reference: Report of Work 473638, 1989); and,


4,800 ha claim encompassing anomalous gold and antimony in soil over the 2.6 km north-south length covered by a 2013 survey for the preceding claim holder, Tri-Star Antimony Canada Inc., (reference: Report of Work 477625, 2014) which reported gold-in-soil values on all 6 east-west survey lines along logging roads from 500 to 900 metres apart, with 23 samples out of 310 exceeding 35 ppb gold and with highest values of 100 and 112 ppb.

4,700 ha over carbonaceous sediments and volcanics of the early Silurian Mascarene Group, a mafic intrusive and a portion of the  New River terrane, all of which border the south margin of the Saint George Batholith.


Magaguadivic: 670 ha