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Date: 2018-06-01

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Mactaquac: 3,430 hectare (ha) claim group encompassing a panned gold discovery by Edge co-founder, Alex Kramer. As well, the interpreted bedrock source, where gold and rare earth soil geochemistry anomaly extends for at least the 1.2 kilometres (km) north-south length covered by 2018 and 1988 soil surveys.

Date: 2019-06-01

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Fredericksburg: 4,774 ha claim encompassing anomalous gold and antimony in soil over the 2.6 km north-south length covered by a 2013 survey for the preceding claim holder, Tri-Star Antimony Canada Inc., (reference: Report of Work 477625, 2014). It was reported gold-in-soil values on all 6 east-west survey lines along logging roads from 500 to 900 metres apart, with 23 samples out of 310 exceeding 35 ppb gold and with highest values of 100 and 112 ppb.

Date: 2020-01-15

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Utopia: Edge Exploration Inc. and Fancamp Exploration Ltd. have a 50-50 joint venture over “The Utopia Block” which consists of three merged claims acquired by Dallas Davis, Alex Kramer, and Edge in January and February 2020. The merged claim, 9387, encompasses 2,398 hectares (5,925 acres) over carbonaceous sediments and volcanics of the early Silurian Mascarene Group, a mafic intrusive and a portion of the New River terrane, all of which border the south margin of the Saint George Batholith.

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About Edge Exploration Inc.

The discovery, in Little Mactaquac Stream, was made in the summer of 2017 when an amateur prospector, Mr. Alex Kramer, through panning discovered numerous nuggets up to the size of watermelon seeds. Geologist Dallas Davis, P.Eng, and his son Adrian, P. Geo., examined and confirmed the discovery later that summer, with the father going into partnership with Mr. Kramer and registering a 990 ha claim in addition to Mr. Kramer’s original 506 ha block. Subsequent compilation and analysis of glacial deposits and stream sediment distribution of anomalous gold (NB Dept of Natural Resources& Energy, Plate 98-45A) indicated a possible source some 4 km up ice, to the northwest where the airborne magnetic data (GSC Map C41523G, 1988) indicates an unroofed intrusive cut by a series of weak north/south structural trends.

Our Team

Dallas Davis

Dallas Davis

P. Eng., FEC, President, Founder and Director

50 plus years of experience that includes mine and exploration geology, project management, public policy development and numerous foreign assignments since 1981 as president of own consulting company, Dalmin Corporation.

Alex Kramer

Alex Kramer

Corporate Secretary, Prospector, Founder and Director

    Trained at NB Community College as a diesel mechanic, has drone pilot licence (since 2014), does contract aerial photography and aspires to do airborne exploration surveys.

    Adrian Davis

    Adrian Davis

    P. Geo., Senior Exploration Geologist

    BSc in geology from Acadia University and Geotechnical Engineering Technology graduate from Sir Sandford Fleming College.

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